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Expansion FAQs:

1. When will remodeling be complete?  

Remodeling will be completed to the existing structure in June. Expansion will begin in June and will be completed in stages, and we will open the new areas as they become available. The 1st stage of expansion will be completed in September. Go to www.mixxatlanta.com or social media to follow progress.


2. What kind of food will be served in the restaurant? 

We will begin serving food for the lounge when it opens in July.   Currently we are serving food every night in the Night Club.


3. When will you start hiring and how do I apply?

Hiring begins in June. Jobs will be posted on our new website when there is an opening. You can apply online. You can also see the careers that are available and will become available in the near future.


4. What positions will be available? 

Careers will be posted on the new website, and open positions will be posted as well under “About”.


5. When will the new restaurant be open?

As various stages of construction are completed, we will open them up. The first part of the restaurant will open in September. Again, follow progress on our website and look for announcements.


6. When is Mixx expanding their hours?

On June 14, we will be open 5 days a week, Wed – Sun at 4pm. We will introduce a new Wednesday program.  In July, we will be open 6 days a week, Tues – Sun at 4pm.  We will introduce a new Tuesday night program. In Sepember, we will begin showing Monday Night Football starting at 7pm and introduce a special menu.


7. What will the new hours be?

As the restaurant construction completes, we will expand hours to eventually be from 11;30 am to close. We expect to add weekend brunch eventually.


8. How much bigger will the club be?

When all the construction is complete, Mixx will be a Restaurant, Bar/Lounge and Night Club. The existing bar/lounge will be re-modeled. The patio will be demolished and rebuilt as a fully enclosed dining area. There will be a new smoking area. We will construct a large terrace for outside dining with access to the Beltline. Finally, we will construct a Rooftop area for events and dining, resulting in 3 levels of Mixx


9. What is the web address?    

www.mixxatlanta .com. You can download a phone app as well


10. Will there still be alternative nights?

We will be open 5 days a week starting June 14 and 6 days a week starting in July.    Each night will be different, with something fun going on all the time—Sort of a 21st Century Backstreet


11. What will be the hours for food? 

When all is said and done, food will be served from 11:30 am to close. Mixx will be expanding hours and menu as more space becomes available through our expansion plans.


12. Will you be closing during the remodeling?

No. We will be open throughout.


13. Why did Mixx remodel? 

Actually, Mixx will re-model and expand, to provide more entertainment and services to our customers. Just keeping up with the times!


14. Will the website be updated on a regular basis?

Absolutely. The information will always be accurate


15. What is the name of the remodeling company?

It’s posted on our front wall. Place Maker Design is the design and architecting company and Cork-Howard is the construction company.


16. Will there be brunch on Sunday’s? 

Yes, when construction is complete, and we have more dining space, we will introduce weekend brunch. Watch for the announcement and details.


17. Where will the smoking area be located once the restaurant is finished?   

Initially, there will be a new smoking area. Then, additional smoking areas will be the terrace and rooftop, when they have been constructed. All enclosed space will remain smoke-free.