Mixx Atlana Beltline Expansion Project

For the past 12 years, Mixx, Atlanta has been a valuable establishment for the LGBTQ community. Not only has this establishment been used for late night entertainment, but during the day, it has been the place where lives have been changed, charities have been supported, friends have been made, and the community has gathered for good times and sad times to celebrate the lives of departed community members. For those daytime activities (there have never been any noise issues), Mixx wants to improve the indoor dining experience and create an outdoor dining experience by offering an expanded menu. In the post-COVID world, outdoor dining is imperative. Mixx is proposing to construct a dining deck, which will be connected to our beautiful Atlanta Beltline and shut down by 10 pm. Over these past years Mixx has worked with the leaders of Ansley Park (on the other side of the Atlanta Beltline) due to late night noise. An agreement was reached to sound-proof the back of Mixx and has been fully executed with input from Sound Engineers. Construction was completed at enormous expense, and appreciated by Ansley Park, who wrote a complimentary article that was published in their newsletter. The good relationship that was built continued, and for 5+ years there have been no incidents.   Mixx filed an SUP in April 2021. Immediately, the leaders who had developed a 5+ year relationship with Mixx, were replaced with a new leader. The agreement, relationship and goodwill were discarded and replaced with illegal citation, double-cross, irrational fear and hate.  We, the constituents of Mixx urge you, Atlanta City Council, to not let the work that has be done between Mixx and Ansley Park be discarded.  Atlanta City Council, you hold the power to allow Mixx to be an amazing place on Atlanta Beltline. We respectfully ask that you delay your vote until all the facts are known and the truth comes out. Let’s keep Atlanta the city that is too busy to hate !!